Umhlaba Ungihlanekele

About the book

Umhlaba Ungihlanekele is an emotional novel which narrates a story of how a bright girl, Mthwakazi Moyo chooses her own path of love over her family. The story which confirms the saying that Love is Blind when Mthwakazi ignores all the red flags of the path she has chosen. Will she be able to handle the consequences of her decision? 

Why I wrote the book

The intention is to bring about important issues that are ignored and those viewed as taboos by society yet if they are ignored the have devastating effects on society.  Nonduduzo hopes that her books will break the silence surrounding GBV and will encourage the society to take depression seriously. She wanted to also press that GBV does not only refer to f physical violence, but also to emotional abuse. Writing is the best weapon she found she could effectively use to fight GBV and depression.

Why you must read it

Umhlaba Ungihlanekele is a novel that gives a reader an insight on why women stay in toxic and abusive relationships. The story portrays how society misunderstands and underestimates depression leading to suicidal tendencies of those suffering from it.
BookUmhlaba Ungihlanekele
AuthorNonduduzo Ncube

Umhlaba Ungihlanekele


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